News » It’s a Family Affair as Records Tumble at DSG Sports Day

A number of records were broken during the DSG Sports Day and the DSG athletes put in some stellar performances. However most notable were the performances of Toni Rafferty (pictured right) and Emma Kruse (left) as they both broke the records for 400m and 800m in the Open and U14 category’s respectively.

Toni Rafferty set a new record in the Open 400m in a time of 1:01.30, and in the 800m with a time of 2:20.10. In both races she broke Jenni Kruse’s (née Holmes) records which were set in 1991. Jenni (pictured centre) was actually present at the DSG Sports Day to support her daughter Emma Kruse, who herself showed she is following in her mother’s footsteps as a formidable athlete as she went on to break the 400m (1:03.13) and 800m (2:28.20) in the U14 division and in doing so broke Toni’s record for the 400m which was set in 2015. The three are pictured below at the conclusion of the prize giving.