News » 1979, 1989, 1994 and 1999 Leavers' Reunion

Over the weekend, 59 of our DSG Leavers representing the classes of 1979, 1989, 1994 and 1999 returned to school to celebrate their various reunions, and what a celebration it was! They were joined by their SAC counterparts of the same years and enjoyed amongst many activities, an informal dinner at the Highlander on Friday evening, tea with Shelley Frayne on Saturday morning, an array of the most exciting sporting fixtures throughout the day on Saturday, the formal dinner dance on Saturday evening where the most entertaining reflections were shared, touching dedication services to remember dear friends who had passed on and to end off the week end, a chapel service where the school song (accompanied by the chapel choir) brought tears of joy and pride to each and every DSG old girl present.  It was indeed a week end that left the old girls’ hearts overflowing with warmth, pride and rekindled friendships. Below are a few extracts from emails received following the week end.


“…I have a happy heart full of wonderful memories of meaningful friendships rekindled after 30 years!  Quite amazing! I am again reminded of how exceptionally lucky I am to have had the DSG/SAC school experience.”


“….I was so overcome with emotion by the choir performance at the chapel service…..”


“This reunion weekend once again highlights this. The bonds of friendship a school like DSG and St Andrews have afforded us are not commonplace, and most certainly make our lives richer for them…..”


“My heart is so full. I got to spend the whole weekend with these remarkable women for our 20 year school reunion at DSG, some who I have known for 35 years! It was also so wonderful to reconnect with our male peers from St Andrews who also played such a pivotal role in our lives. I was reminded again of the true privilege my dad afforded me by sending me to this world class school, and the lifelong friendships I have made. A true gift and sacrifice in every sense of the word. DSG shaped who I am today. I come home exhausted with a heart overflowing with love, a sore tummy from laughing so much, aching legs from dancing until 3am, sore eyes from crying (good crying), a full memory bank of new treasured memories and a renewed realization of the privilege of our childhood friendships

“Such a special week end that I have already convinced my husband to enrol our daughter in 2025.”


“Thank you in particular for arranging the dedication of the fever tree for our friend Bossie. As I said before, we were all deeply touched by the way that DSG honoured her memory in preparation and attendance and the respect shown by the person who painted the spade!  The heart of all that DSG stands for, was so beautifully expressed right there. We all appreciate the care and effort shown. “


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