Do you remember those beautiful stitched kneelers in the Chapel?

The kneelers have been used in Chapel for many years but unfortunately some of them are no longer in pristine condition.  
It was recently decided to remove them from the Chapel and to offer them back to the rightful owners.   

Should you see your name (or the name of a relative) on the list below and, if you are interested in owning the specific kneeler,
please contact Rev Rachel Ssekimpi to arrange a suitable date and time for collection from DSG.

The kneelers will be available until 31 August 2018.

What a wonderful keepsake from DSG!


List of names:

A Titterton
Alice Hilton-Barber
Alma Laschinger
Amanda Moss
Angela Gay
Angela Short
Ann Nicholson
Ann Parker
Anncarol Grenfell
Anne Fraser
Anne Parkin
B S Palmer
Barbara Fraser
Barbara Hayhoe
Betty Hallier
Bridget Turpie
C Espin
Candy Southey
Caroline Aubrey
Catherine Aubrey
Cherry Daynes
Christine Mars-White
D A Jones
D D Douglas
D E Norton
D Slade
Diane Hooper
Elaine Holder
Elaine Lawrence
Eleanor Barker
Elizabeth Dyke
Esme Mosel
Ethel Barber
Ethel Palmer
G Moon
Geraldine Mosel
Gwen Dwyer
Helen Archibald
Helen Wooley
I H Palmer
Irene Leary
Irvy Brown
Ivy Fisk
J Binning
J M  Phillips
J M Palmer
J Mathieson
J Winfield
Jane Booth
Jane Mowbray
Jane Parker
Jane Bethune/Anne Williams
Janet (Malcomess) Gosling
Janet Davis
Jeanette Kelly
Jeanne Archibald
Jennifer Bryant


Julia Smuts
Katy Tindle
Laura Robinson
Lela Booth
Linda Scott
Lorna Lucke
Louise Sturrock
Lyn Potts
Lynette Simons
M D Collett
Margaret Trollipe
Marjorie Munro
Mary Antrobus
Mary Blomfield
Mary Hobson
Mary Newell
Mary White
Megan Rogers
Moira Lawrance
Molly Ryan
Molly Smit
Muriel Fogarty
Nada Pobjoy
Nadine Meyer
Nici Walker
P M Molony
Pamela Hay
Pat Allison
Patricia Dandridge
Patricia Going
Patricia Stewart
Paula de Kock
Penelope Fraser
Rae Stapleton
Ruth Dyke
S Bryant
Sally (Dove) Moolman
Sally Brown
Sally Hard
Sally MacIntosh
Sally Ross-Thompson
Sandra Potgieter
Sandra Stephenson
Sheena McIntosh
Shirley Hay
Susan B Gilbert
Susan Going
Susan Lund
Susan Moss
Susan Tripp
Tess Millar
Vanda Haigh
Vicky Simpson
Vicky Stevens
Winifred Deacon
Yvonne Hayhoe