The Inkunzi Bursary Programme

The Diocesan School for Girls and St Andrew’s College have a distinctive Eastern Cape flavour, and the families who provide this essential ingredient are very important to us. Approximately 40% of our pupils are from the Eastern Cape and many of them come from a long line of proud farming stock for whom College and DSG are as much a part of their DNA as is farming. 
It is this sentiment that drove the rationale for creating this Bursary Fund with a wonderful Eastern Cape flavour

Inkunzi (noun)
A feisty young bull

The Inkunzi Bursary Programme
is a project by Eastern Cape farmers, to provide a sustainable source of support
for our most valuable constituency.  

What is it? The Inkunzi Bursary Programme is registered as an independent non-profit company managed by the Eastern Cape farming community, established exclusively to raise funds to assist boys and girls from that community to attend DSG and St Andrew’s College.

How does it operate? By raising weaner calves at marginal cost on the farms of participating farmers, the initial funding is able to be grown at a good return. A portion of the funding will be used to purchase additional cattle to grow the programme, while the majority of the funds will be disbursed to St Andrew’s College and DSG in support of children of the Eastern Cape farming community, as identified by the schools’ respective bursary committees. Preference is given to children of Old Andreans and DSG Old Girls.

Who can be part of it? Anyone who has an interest can contribute directly to the fund, and the Eastern Cape farming community is encouraged to run Inkunzi weaners as part of their herd.

Click here to hear more about the Inkunzi Bursary Programme from Old Andreans, Graeme Holmes (Graham, 1987) and Dale Ramsden (Upper, 1985).  

Make a donation
 to the Inkunzi Bursary Programme:

Donate directly to the Inkunzi Bursary
award fund at our school
(funds to be allocated directly to eligible Eastern Cape scholars)

        Donate to the running costs of the Inkunzi
Bursary Programme
(purchasing of weaners, feed etc.)
 Donate to DSG

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Contact Details

Malcolm MacKenzie, Chairman – 082 338 6033 |

Angie Marriner, Director of the SAC Foundation Office – 046 603 2363 |

Alison Wienekus, Manager of DSG Foundation Office - 046 603 4343 |