The following policies are dutifully applied by the Foundation Office in order to protect our stakeholders and our brand:

Privacy Policy:

The St Andrew’s College and DSG Foundation Office is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals and organisations whose demographic data resides on our database.

We pledge to use contact information responsibly and primarily for the use of disseminating news and information pertaining to the Foundation Office, the school and the Andrean and DSG communities.

We will not sell, share or rent this information for commercial purposes to any person or organisation.

Sponsorship & Advertising Policy:

The St Andrew’s and DSG Foundation Office regularly embarks on new fundraising initiatives in an attempt to raise funds in support of the schools’ campus development projects.

The Foundation Office has implemented a general policy to not actively advertise or promote any goods or services free of charge to individuals or organisations on our database on behalf of third parties.

From time to time, gifts in kind and sponsorships may be donated by  third parties to be auctioned, raffled or offered to the DSG and Andrean communities for fundraising purposes.

As a consequence of this type of activity, indirect advertising for the third party may inadvertently take place.  

In addition, paid adverts and sponsorships are considered for inclusion into school publications or other forms of advertising.

Applications for either a donation (to be auctioned, raffled or offered in another way to the community), or for a paid advert or sponsorship will be considered by the Foundation Office based on its appropriateness, value, appeal to the community and benefit to the school.

It remains the discretion of the Foundation Office to decide whether a donation or an application for a paid advert or sponsorship will be accepted, and how the item will be   communicated to the school community.