DSG Guild Gauteng Lunch

18th May 2019

Our annual DSG Guild Gauteng luncheon was graciously hosted by Lu Dowell Rance at her home in Johannesburg on Saturday May Around DSG Old Girls enjoyed a glorious autumn afternoon together of friendship delicious food and fond memories of DSG What was so very special to see was the number ...

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Online Applications for The Rhodes Scholarships for Southern Africa Open on 1 June 2019

17th May 2019

Online applications for The Rhodes Scholarships for South Africa open on 1 June 2019 and close on 15 August 2019. Please click on the below links for more information: 2019 Rhodes Scholarship Information Session Information for Candidates

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DSG Old Girls Get-Together in Cape Town - 11 April

11th April 2019

After an afternoon of watching some highly competitive netball and hockey fixtures between the DSG and Springfield Convent School a number of Old Girls including our Headmistress Shelley Frayne gathered at Simone Blackenburg's home for a casual social dinner In the region of Old Girls attended which included some of ...

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Port Elizabeth Old Girls Gathering - 4 April 2019

4th April 2019

What a fun evening Bella Dakin's home was filled with the DSG songs that every Old Girl will know word for word so many years later We are the girls of DSG all shapes and sizes as you can see was definitely the song of choice and then of course ...

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News for Guild Newsletter

22nd March 2019

Calling all DSG Old Girls Do you have any news related to a DSG Old Girl Send it to us by Friday March and we'll share it in the Guild Newsletter Email us in foundation dsgschool com or inbox us on Facebook to share the news Please spread the word ...

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Grahamstown Old Girl Gathering - 7 March 2019

7th March 2019

On Thursday March the DSG Foundation hosted the first DSG Old Girls gathering of for the Grahamstown alumnae at Shelley Frayne's home There was plenty of laughter and reminiscing about fond memories created at our special school Many of the old girls at the gathering are current or past parents ...

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DSG Old Girls Perth Get-together - 2 March 2019

4th March 2019

A comment from Debra Maasdorp one of the coordinators of the event It was a great afternoon that turned into a late night for some of us We had a gathering of people who were a good mix of ages We had a lot of fun reminiscing and meeting some ...

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DSG Foundation Office

6th February 2019

Up until the end of the Foundation Office as we know it operated out of the St Andrews College Admin Block and looked after all three of our schools namely; St Andrews St Andrews Prep and the DSG January has seen a new exciting model roll out For strategic reasons ...

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